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Living in the Abundance of God's Presence

For in Christ we live, move and have our being.

My goal is to encourage and equip you to know, study and live out the Word of God.

A Passion for the Presence of God will result in a life Radiating His Goodness


I’m Bethany, Pastor’s wife at Calvary Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. It’s my joy to invite you into a life of learning to live in the presence of God.

From twenty years of ministering to the ladies in our fellowship through the study of God’s word, I have seen how sitting in the abundance of the light of God we can reflect that light into beautiful moments bringing colour to those around us.

Study Journals

Book cover of Mark study journal

What we do can say a lot about who we are. The question we ask ourselves can be, “what exactly are we made to do?” “Is what I am doing worthwhile?” “Is what I am doing right?”

We are all made to do, to work, to create, to produce. After all, God created and we are created in His image.

Mark is the action-packed gospel which traces the works of Christ one short story at a time. As we study through this New Testament book, this Study Journal will equip you to reflect and digging deeper into the Word of God.

Listen to the video series on Calvary Mansfield’s YouTube channel.

Philippians is a treasured thank you letter from the Apostle Paul to the believers at the church in Philippi. Having been the only people to support Paul during his most challenging times, this letter reveals the depths of their friendship forged through fellowship, prayers, giving, suffering and joy.

Join us as we study this epistle and learn from the man who knew what it was to preach in the spotlight of a pulpit and to live in the shadows of a prison. In both abundance and scarcity, Paul found his contentment and joy in Christ.

Listen to the Philippians video series on Calvary Mansfield’s YouTube channel.

Book cover Philippians

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Samuel Part 1

Samuel Part 1

Positioned to Listen I could feel the warmth coming through the windows. The sun beaming, the blue sky beckoning, and the sounds of summer offering its delights. It’s not often we get to enjoy a warm sunny day, so the natural thing to do was to take my work onto the...

Hannah part 2

Hannah part 2

A Sacrifice of Praise The hands were gently weaving, putting each piece in its place and stitching the fabric together. These were the hands that meticulously calculated the length and the breadth. How much had he grown? How much bigger from last year? These were the...

Hannah Part 1

Hannah Part 1

Not a worthless woman.Her empty arms ached from weightlessness, with nothing to fill them except the gaping exposure that reflected a life void of purpose and need. Hannah was childless. Her womanhood incomplete by society’s standards. Her purpose thwarted. Her own...